Content Management Solutions

In today's competitive marketplace online, it is very important for any company to keep your website content fresh and updated. Content management system can be defined as a web-based application that allows website owners / managers to update their site content easily with web forms in a rich text. An ideal implementation of CMS should require HTML programming skills little or nothing of their users, should be easy to learn and easy to operate.

Why Creative Sites for CMS Solutions

We at Creative Sites focus on developing custom CMS for our clients that will meet specific client business objectives online. We find the custom CMS after a careful analysis of the demand on the web. We offer a wide range of CMS applications that blend perfectly with systems software or any other existing third party solutions.

Depending on the requirements of end users can develop custom solutions for content management system for small businesses to carry out basic content management that involve updating content, images, and the incorporation of other elements. Our custom CMS can be applied to the entire website or just a section or page.

Creative Sites can also provide implementation services for content management system customized with the ability to manage enterprise-level website. These systems can be used to integrate multi-lingual support, region-specific modifications, creation of dynamic forms, hierarchical access rights, and workflow management.


The custom CMS developed by Prosems are profitable and easy to use with an easy learning curve. They come with

  • Integrated content editing tools to add, modify and delete content, menus and submenus
  • Support for the maintenance of exclusive and multimedia document
  • Options to restrict / allow content site visitors registered with the author of several users / edit
  • Workflow features for maintenance and content approval between authors and editors
  • Single-sourcing option that allows the publisher to use the same content in other applications.
  • Easy file manager and image that makes loading the image and the addition of quick and easy
  • The version control features to prevent changes in shock